Lisa Esposito, PhD

abstract expressionist painter

located in the greater Boston area

Welcome to the Contemporary Abstract Expressionism of Dr. Lisa Esposito!

I am a self-taught, abstract expressionist artist best known for spiritually evocative, non-representational paintings. In 2005, with no prior art training, I began painting in acrylic on large-scale canvases. Evolving as a painter, I gained gallery representation in 2006. An exhibited artist, I am inspired by the Abstract Expressionists of the early to mid-20th c. as well as Buddhism, Taoism, ancient Greek philosophy, and New England Transcendentalism. My artwork consists of vibrant, contrasting colors and abstract images drawn from 25 years of teaching Philosophy.

By vocation a Professor of Philosophy, I find that the greatest reward in education is nurturing the spiritual and intellectual well-being of my students. I challenge my students to explore their minds, and to learn who they are, what they value, and why. A powerful catalyst for introspection and self-exploration, abstract expressionist art fosters our spiritual and intellectual development. For more information on my artwork, call me at 832-520-4743. My Studio is located in Haverhill, MA (the Greater Boston Area) – Dr. Lisa Esposito

“The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit.
The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are.”
Marcus Aurelius